Workshop Overview


In this session we will vision, experiment and create an action plan for interdisciplinary project based learning using tools that can support the process.

The Approach

Using a modified future workshops approach participants will:

  1. discuss their worst and most successful attempts at facilitating interdisciplinary project based learning (or interdisciplinary studies in general) .
  2. critique a range of critical issues pertinent to our conversation, vision the most ideal learning environments and technologies for interdisciplinary PBL and start to implement the tools, structures and responsibilities needed to bridge the gap between vision and reality.
  3. write a blog post (or beyond) for their learning community. ideally to be delivered as a collaborative venture with colleagues or students.


  1. Participants will be able to better articulate current work activities salient to interdisciplinary innovation and PBL while also formulating future expectations concerning support for these activities.
  2. Create an ongoing learning environment where participants co-learn and pass on learning to others
  3. Provide the stakeholders with information on directional support for technology to enhance self organized and self directed learning for the whole learning community.

Project Details

  • Client: PDS STEM, STEAM and Beyond