Workshop Overview


In this session we will critique, vision, experiment and create pathways for interdisciplinary innovation and technology at Nations Academy.


Using a modified future workshops approach faculty will:

  1. discuss your worst and most successful attempts at integrating technology in your classroom or school (or that you have experienced-Co-Teachers);
  2. critique a range of critical issues and barriers to implementing technology and innovative pedagogy, vision the most ideal learning environments and technologies for your ideal school and start to discuss how we might implement the tools, structures and responsibilities needed to bridge the gap between vision and reality;
  3. Create an artifact (presentation, drawing….) to be exhibited to colleagues at the end of the workshop.


  1. Participants will be able to better articulate past learning, critique, futures thinking and current hopes for activities salient to interdisciplinary innovation and technology.
  2. Create an ongoing learning environment amongst faculty where co-learning, creativity and imagination are valued and acted upon.